Hey, I’m ZOLA!

     I’m an emerging artist in the Pop/EDM world, and I make euphoric electronic music that sounds good to me. Ever since I can remember, music has always had the power to viscerally send me to certain times and places in my life. I think it’d be awesome if I could do that for others as well.

     I’m a firm believer that everyone has their own path, and my path actually didn’t lead to producing music until after college. Since the summer of 2019, I’ve released music as ZOLA on Hoop Records and Future Bass XO, done several remixes for and collaborated with various artists, and when not releasing on labels, have been consistently self-releasing monthly music.

     To date, my most popular content has been the SunSesh mixes I started in 2015, which have amassed 1.6 million plays on Soundcloud to date. Thanks to those mixes, I’ve DJed at popular venues around Boston and New York such as Candibar, The W Hotel’s “Tunnel”, The Greatest Bar, The Attic NYC, and have also opened for Marshmello.

     Keep an eye out for me on my socials and streaming platforms, and if you like what you hear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! :)

Designs by Gentry Demchak